Terms of Use

Capstone Project is one of the leading academic service provider that aim to offer all kinds of academic services to students. This has been suggested to all of our customers that to make sure read all of the terms and condition thoroughly before the placement of order. In case, if you think that our terms and conditions are not enough suitable then feel free to avoid placing an order.

Significant terms

Website refers to CapstoneProjectWriter.com.

Company is the organization that aims to assist customers in terms of writing facilities while being in the boundaries of applied terms and conditions.

Customer this focuses on the person who will be using the provided services of the company while ensuring that he/she is in consent with the applied terms and conditions.

Product is the document that is provided to the customers through email.

Rules of placing order

  • Provided product of our company cannot be used for any commercial purpose.
  • We request you to place an order only when you are in consent with the applied terms and conditions.
  • Received order will only proceed further only when complete payment is done by the customers.
  • The delivery of product will be made via email only.

Contact us

  • We allow our customers to contact us to get more details, to place an order or even to take update about their order.

Privacy policy

  • We offer products for the reference purposes. Customers are not allowed to mention their name on any of our product.
  • No product is produced for commercial purpose and customers are strictly prohibited to do such kind of act.
  • In case, if anyone is using our product then it is recommended to use or to reference it in relevant way.


  • In case of dissatisfaction of our customers, we follow money back policy. However, there are some terms and conditions apply in this. For more details, visit our refund policy page.

Payment methods

  • For the payment purpose, you can use following mediums:
  • Pay pal.
  • Western Union
  • Online banking


Copyrights are only given to the customers where no refund or money back policy is used. In this case, the product belongs to the company.