Privacy policy

In sequence to assure that the information or even the product which we provide to our customers, is fully secured. We deliberately follow a proper privacy policy. It includes:

  • The information of our customers such as name, email address, bank details etc are the fundamental requirements which we need to proceed your order.
  • However, we assure our customers with secured policy and promise to keep each thing confidential.
  • We make sure to use order ID instead of name, in action to keep identity of customers safe.
  • We have a strict system to keep a strong control on the access of data or to avoid illegality.
  • For the sake of security and to protect information, we never suggest customers not to make a direct contact with the writers or any other person, except for the customer support team.

Late delivery of product

Although, being a leading academic service provider, we make sure to make on-time delivery. This is why, we encourage customers to take update from customer support team in case of any delivery issue. As, this rarely happens so, you are all free to know the reason beforehand. Still, in case if you want to use refund policy then following are the conditions:

  • If you have crossed the deadline and you think that assignment could not be submitted in any condition and it has become useless then you can ask for full payment. Also, please notice that the deadline which was mentioned during the placement of order, will be consider only.
  • In another case, if you have received your order late and if your teacher deduct your marks due to this then a certain amount of percentage will be refunded. But, for this, you need to show an authentic evidence.

Poor quality of paper

Since we are known as the expert academic service providers, thus we have never experienced this kind of issue. Still, in case if you think that the quality of your paper is not up to the mark then you can ask for the refund under certain conditions:

  • If there is 100% plagiarism in your paper. However, we always provide TurnItIn file in action, to avoid these kind of issues. We encourage customers to inform us beforehand so that we get over this issue but in case, if you want your money back then you have to show us authentic proof for this.
  • If you think that quality of paper is not perfect. Although, we have a team of experts who make sure to write qualitative paper. In other case, we give full revision flexibility to our customers so that they don’t have to feel dissatisfaction. But, in case if you do not want to use the option of revision then prove us that the paper is in poor quality and feel free to taka your money back.
  • Note that refund in inapplicable if you use the policy of revision.
  • Once your request is made for refund due to poor quality then our experts will analyze your paper if we found that your claim is relevant then we will return your money back.
  • It is a responsibility of customers to inform us about the issues or flaws, beforehand. This is why we suggest customers to check keenly check provided document and notify us regarding any issue, instantly.

Payment issues

There is a huge probability that technical issues might occur in the payment methods. If you experience following issues, then feel free to let us know.

  • If you find that any additional charges are applied or the amount has been transferred twice a time then show proof to our customer support team and ask for the refund of additionally deducted amount.
  • However, most of the times, these kinds of issue occur usually from the payment companies. Thus, we encourage customers to better resolve matter from the payment companies in case of any technical issue.

Cancelation is possible within 24 hours only

If you have changed your mind or need to cancel your order due to any reason then you are allowed to do it, but only within the 24 hours. However, after this time limit your order could not be cancelled. Similarly, you can go also switch new order with the placed order (charges will be modified according to the number of pages, deadline, or academic level).

Not getting A-grade

Well, at our platform the quality is guaranteed. While, we never make promise for grades. Since grades are a matter of colleges and teachers thus, we cannot take any guarantee regarding grades. Though, within the standard of quality we count on the ratio of plagiarism, title page, formatting, reference page, page number and other details.

Failed paper

First of all, this has never happened because we have experts who never fail to make customers satisfied. Still, in case, if you completely failed and got F grade in the paper, provided by our company then you can make claim within the period of three weeks. Also, please note that the restricted time period begins right from the day of your submission.

Significant conditions that you must know:

Method of claiming refund

In case of the refund request or in any technical issue like being charged twice a time for the single order, it is necessary for the customer to take our customer support team in the loop of communication so that the required actions could be take promptly. On the same side, the claim must be made in within the period of three weeks, once the paper has been handed to you. Please note that we strictly restrict our customers to involve any third party in the matter, such as credit card facilitators or any other legal authorities.

Refund duration

This refers to the duration of time period within which customers are encouraged to make a claim for refund. Overall, the refund duration is of three weeks. Estimated period starts form the deadline of client’s order and lasts till the last day of subsequent three weeks. Any claim which will be made after the estimated period of time will not be applicable or acceptable.


Capstone Project and its customer support team strictly forbid customers for the chargeback. We kindly request and suggest customers to call our customer support team in action, to get problems resolved. However, in case of chargeback, the customers will be added in the list of fraudulent within our systems. Moreover, if we found and that any one is using our services or products for wrongful purposes then we have all rights to take any kind of strict legal action against him/her.

Refund proceeding and finalization

We generally take around 48 hours to look into the matter and to get issue analyzed by our QAD. After this, we likely to report higher management for the refund. Although, clients are requested to cooperate and to act patiently till we get the root cause of surety. Once the refund is approved genuinely, the payment will be delivered within the period of 24 hours.

  • Refund is only applicable if any of the aforementioned term and condition is satisfied and if the Quality Assurance Department give approval of the case.
  • Full refund is equal to 90% payment of the amount that is aid by the customers. Whereas, 10% amount of transaction cost along with service charges will be deducted as well.